Thursday, November 01, 2012

Women in history

Who doesn't like playing dress-up?
The last few years I've discovered the love for history.  We have read many books, but the stories we remember are those that really happened.
From " National Archief"
And to take time to dress up and re-enact the part, history education can't get any better.
But there's a curious thing I've noticed.  Maybe you have too.
There's quite a few less biographies about women.  
Ever wonder why?
One gal I asked said simply, "well, women don't do anything interesting."
"Yeah, they are usually just married and having children."
hmm.  Loving your husband is pretty important, and if women didn't bare children civilization would be sparse. 
Sometimes there seems to be a message that those things don't count in the grand scheme of life, but they do.
What really makes a hero?
I for one think that these unsung heroes need some songs about them.  They are part of the story!  They are part of the picture! They are part of history.
I would love to see more people research and tell the stories that we've never heard or have forgotten.  If you have a daughter, find those stories to inspire the woman within her
- to love God when others turned away, 
-to work heartily when others said it couldn't be done, 
-to remain faithful when others waned.
The trees in the forest that fell when no one else was around definitely had a sound.  Why? Because natural cause and effect proves true.  So, if there were men of importance to note, there were women worthy of studying also.


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