Monday, April 15, 2013

Yay! for Play!

You know what the nursery rhyme says about
All work and No play...

it makes Jack dull.

And that goes for Jane, and Jill, etc. etc.

Noticing some weary expressions?
What's worse is blank expressions.  
That's when I think *warning*  It's the dullness setting in. 
Not dullness like Oh I have nothing to do, but dullness as in lack of sharpness, wit, love for life.
That's one of the many reasons to school at home.
Play is part of life and at home you can purposefully schedule that in.  It creates space in the brain.

I've been known to find a tree swing and ...swing myself.

Let 'em play.  There's learning taking place even then.

"Play is still the primary occupation of children and shouldn't be pushed out of a child’s daily routine because of a lack of time or structured extra-curricular activities and a long school day.
" Jean Wetherilt

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