Friday, June 21, 2013

Making time Mom-to-Mom


There’s something special about being a “mama”

Photo by Tambako the Jaguar/creative commons

We stole a second, just the two of us, time enough to lightly touch her elbow.   How are things going? And she knew the things to which I referred.  Mamas have words and clues they give to one another, but only when they feel it’s safe.
  I can’t say now, she signaled with her eyes, darting around the room, conscious that overheard whispers could wound without her knowing.  All she wanted to say was that things were better, but lately every word she spoke was received as a dagger. 

Hi, I’m calling to see if you knew of anybody that, OH No!. . . One child threw up on her, while the dishwasher door broke off in her hand, smashing another child’s infected toenail.  She couldn’t remember what she was going to say.

If she could take it back, she would.  There are some things that young women don’t understand, nor can relate to, and she forgot who was standing right there.  She felt sick.   Though no one said a word, a hammer slammed a nail; judged.
Mamas.  They don’t need a whole lot.  Just a safe space every now and again, room to sigh or sing with another that knows the song. 
Seldom will someone else seek you, to see if you need to be rescued.  It's up to you.
Plan time for just mom-to-mom in your life.
Call another mom up on the phone and ask, Would you like to get together?  She'll probably say YES!

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